My Back Pain Never Stops Hurting

Some people have back pain that just never stops hurting. It can make almost every activity difficult and is called chronic back pain syndrome. A syndrome is a group of symptoms that appear at the same time and indicate a problem exists. When you have chronic back pain syndrome, it means you have pain even after it seems everything has healed.

The medical community is doing a lot of current research in this area. If you have no physical reason for the pain then what is causing it? Well, the theory is your psychological state of mind may be contributing to your pain. If you live with constant stress and anxiety, it can cause your muscles to tighten and reduce blood flow for example. Dealing with the problem usually involves exercise and counseling. There’s really nothing physical the doctor can order for treatment. This is a greatly oversimplified explanation, but that’s chronic back syndrome in a nutshell.

How Do I Decide I Need a Doctor?

Most people get some kind of back pain in their life, and it can be hard to know when to run to the doctor. I know I don’t like going to the doctor unless I have to because I’m so busy all the time. But if you have certain symptoms there’s no question you should see a doctor.

Some back pain comes and goes, but a lot of times you pull a muscle and it heals in a few weeks. It’s a one-time event. But if you have some other serious symptoms then you should get to a doctor right away. For example, if your legs are weak and you can’t flex your foot, you probably have a serious spine problem. If you get in a car accident, I highly recommend seeing a doctor. You can injure your spine and not even know it. Of course, if you have back pain that is extremely painful you will want to look for relief at the doctor.

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As a person who suffers from back pain, I understand and empathize with anyone who has to deal with either acute or chronic symptoms - it is usually both. You can also find me on: Facebook.

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